Filing a Complaint

At Pixalino, we take pride in the high quality of our lifestyle products. That said, there’s no such thing as a manufacturing company that works impeccably 100 percent of the time. If the item you’ve received is flawed in some way, we’d like to remedy that flaw so you end up with a product which fully meets your expectations.

At the same time, we need to point out that the purpose of a complaint is to document product flaws at the time of delivery. So we ask you to unpack your items immediately after receipt and check them for any visible errors. Afterwards, you can send us your complaint within 7 days. Any complaints sent after this period ends will unfortunately not be accepted.

To submit your complaint, simply send us a message via our contact form. Please make sure to mention your order number in it.

One important thing to note: If the shipping carton is visibly damaged at the time of delivery, the best course of action is to decline to accept it. That’s because this is a clear indicator of transport damage, meaning the delivery company is at fault. In case you’ve accepted the package anyway, please let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss the matter with the shipping provider.

Describe Product Flaws and Add Pictures

As a matter of due diligence, we need to examine each complaint closely. For this reason, we ask you to explain the product’s flaw in as much detail as possible. Also add illustrative photos of the item to your message – ideally a close-up (if the flaw is hard to spot from a distance) and a long shot. Of course, a variety of pictures from different angles is always helpful for us to better assess the problem.

In case the shipping carton arrived with visible damage, please take pictures of it, too. This will give us a better chance to file a claim for damages against the delivery company.

Result of the Complaint Review

After submitting your complaint, you should receive an initial reply from us within less than 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). In complex cases, the full review might take a bit longer. If we need any further information from you, we’ll let you know shortly.

If your complaint is justified, we’ll either send you a new product as a replacement or ask you to return the item to us (at our cost) so we can fix it. In the unlikely event that our attempts at remedy fail twice, you may withdraw from the purchase contract. In that case, you’ll be reimbursed in full for the item in question.

Non-Acceptable Reasons for Complaints

There are certain perceived flaws or problems which aren’t legitimate grounds for a complaint. The following are examples of such non-acceptable reasons, which means we’ll have to reject any complaints based on them:

Minor Deviations is Printed Colors

Many people aren’t aware that digital monitors and displays operate in a completely different color space than printers (RGB vs. CMYK). For print items, this means that the colors you see on your screen will never be 100 percent identical to those on the final product. While our state-of-the-art machines achieve a very high color fidelity, an exact 1:1 translation of the displayed colors simply isn’t possible. Therefore, minor color deviations aren’t grounds for a complaint.

In cases where the color on your print item deviates strongly from the digital image, you’re free to send us a complaint, which we’ll review in detail.

Minor Deviations in Product Dimensions

For a variety of products, most notably different kinds of printed wall pictures, we offer a range of formats and sizes. After printing, we cut these (frameless) pictures to your selected size. However, even high-tech cutting and milling machines operate on a certain tolerance range. This means very small deviations in product dimensions are unavoidable and don’t justify a complaint.
In contrast, should your item be significantly smaller or larger than what you ordered, that constitutes a valid reason to file a complaint.

Delayed Delivery

Of course, we understand that you’d like to have your ordered items with you as soon as possible. That’s why we make every effort to keep the delivery times advertised on our product pages – and manage to keep them in nearly all cases. However, being an online merchant means there’s always a residual risk of delays in production or shipping – a risk which cannot be fully eliminated. Since we have no control over the work of the contracted delivery companies, plus there’s no flaw in the product itself, we can’t accept minor delivery delays as a reason for complaints.

In the rare event that a major delay should arise, we’ll contact you immediately and work out a mutually agreeable solution with you.

Product Already Put to Use

To assert your right of complaint, you’re obligated to inspect the delivered items upon unpacking them and report any flaws to us. If you put a visibly flawed product to use, for example by mounting a wall picture to your wall, this means you’ve accepted the product as is, thus forfeiting your right of complaint.