Striving for Sustainability

At Pixalino, we value our environment. Not least because our decorative products are intended to make you feel more comfortable – and knowing you purchased something eco-friendly is a comforting thought. The following is a list of measures we take to ensure our range of products and services is as sustainable as possible:

1. Real Wood for Picture Frames and Other Products

Wood is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable resource. Which is why we use real wood instead of synthetics in our canvas pictures, framed pictures, and various other products. This increases both their value and environmental compatibility.

2. Recycled Canvas Fabric

When ordering a canvas picture at Pixalino, you can choose between standard and recycled canvas for printing. The latter consists of 100 % recycled materials, meaning its manufacture didn’t consume any natural resources. This does mean the fabric is a tad more pricey compared to regular canvas, but our planet will appreciate it.

3. Water-Based Latex Ink for Printing

The different types of ink used in the digital print industry have vastly different properties. For instance, most of them contain solvents. This gives them a bit of an odor and also isn’t exactly healthy for the environment. That’s why we preferably use latex ink: Without any solvents, you won’t smell a thing, plus it’s more agreeable to our ecosystem.

4. Made-to-Measure Shipping Cartons

Packaging waste isn’t just a hassle for the customer – it also requires appropriate disposal, which can be quite costly for large quantities. That’s why we’ve taken steps to minimize packaging waste: Using a Packsize machine, we cut our shipping cartons to the exact size of the products. In addition, we use as little additional packaging material (plastic bags etc.) as possible.

LANDBELL-Online-Siegel für Verpackungslizenzierung

5. Honoring the Packaging Act

As an online merchant, we fulfill our duty as per the European Packaging Act. This means making regular payments to the government in order to fund packaging disposal. We’ve contracted LANDBELL to manage our waste disposal – experts in their field and a reliable partner for us.