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Buy Custom-Printed Posters Online

If you’re planning to buy printed posters to decorate your room, Pixalino is the online store for you. We provide bespoke wall art and other lifestyle products at inexpensive prices. Placing your order is quick and easy, and the finished product will be delivered after a mere few days.

Spruce Up Your Room with Beautiful Posters

Posters are the most lightweight and ‘straightforward’ category of wall art, without extra embellishment in the form of a frame. As such, in contrast to framed pictures, a poster highlights only the printed motif, making it appear almost as part of the wall itself. Moreover, they weigh virtually nothing and allow for easy sticking to the wall without drill holes or nails. So if you wish to liven up your room or office with a bit of color, posters are a fantastic choice.

We’ll print these decorative wonders to your liking, and in impeccable quality, too. You’ll only need a few minutes to submit your order through our website and pay safely and comfortably online. After that, we’ll manufacture your product and have it shipped to you within a couple of days so you can hang it up right away.

Find a Nice Image Motif in Our Gallery or Upload Your Own

We leave it up to you whether to pick one of our gallery photographs or to upload your own image file as a print template for your poster:

Browse Our Enormous Image Database

We offer you a huge and diverse range of professionally shot photos which make for excellent poster print motifs. Which of them is best suited to adorn your walls is entirely up to your personal taste: You can, for example, pick pristine and idyllic landscapes such as forests, mountain ranges, lakes, or rivers. Or how about something in the realm of fashion & beauty? Perhaps you’re buying the poster for a children’s room, in which case we offer tons of motifs suitable for kids. Or would you enjoy a breathtaking view of our planet from outer space? Our selection of themes extends even further, so rest assured you’ll find something that lines up with your preferences.

In order to facilitate finding the ideal photo to match your expectations, you can set different filters on the left-hand side of this page. These allow you to arrow down not only a thematic direction for your motif, but also the format (landscape or portrait) and predominant colors.

Upload an Artwork File for Your Personalized Poster

If you wish, we’ll make your poster one of a kind by printing it with an image of your choice as a template. All you need to do is send us an image file, and we’ll transfer it faithfully onto the product. You’ll upload your file in JP(E)G or PNG format directly to our server while configuring your order. In case the aspect ratio of the image doesn’t match up with your chosen poster size, you determine how the motif will be cropped.

We’re confident that your custom-made poster will wow not just you, but also any guests visiting your home. However, please consider the quality of your image: Make sure to use a file with an appropriate resolution for the size of your wall art.

Order a Poster with Custom Print

Premium Material to Manufacture our Posters

As mentioned earlier, the trademark quality of posters is their light weight: At a mere 135 g/m², even large-sized ones are a breeze to carry and mount on a wall. Speaking of mounting, you only need a simple tool like adhesive strips or pads to stick the poster to your wall. Both of these are basically invisible and thus don’t detract from the visual impression of the artwork. Furthermore, you can always remove it from your wall without leaving any traces and hang it somewhere else.

Another useful property of the special inkjet paper we use is its water-repellent coating. This helps prevent minor mishaps like splashes from a glass of water from damaging the product – the poster won’t curl, and the colors won’t run. And since the coated surface is satin-finished, giving it a slightly matt look, it only reflects sunrays to a minor extent. So even in direct sunlight, it won’t be particularly blinding.

Unparalleled Print Quality That’s Sure to Impress

At Pixalino, we use top-rate industrial printers to make individualized wall art. And we’ll print your poster in immaculate quality, too: The resolution is photorealistic, and with intense, brilliant colors, to boot. This will make your new product a decorative highlight, giving your room an exciting aesthetic touch that will catch the eye of any visitor.

Note: Any wall art you can buy at Pixalino is a digital print product, not hand-drawn or painted.